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Bullyan RV
Bullyan RV

Bullyan Rv has been a family owned and operated Northland business for more than 54 years. With nearly four generations of family that have worked or supported this business. Bullyan Rv Center has come a long way from its humble roots, as a small used car lot in West Duluth.

The success of this business was envisioned by Joseph Bullyan (Founder) with the support of his father Marco Bullyan. The idea has its beginnings in 1954, with a purchasing trip by Joseph Bullyan down in Wisconsin. While near Minocqua he stumbled upon a travel-trailer business, interested to see if this new product would sell, he purchased one and brought it back to Duluth. As history has shown itself; the trailer sold and he was soon heading south to purchase more trailers.

Bullyan RV

By the early 1960s, Joseph Bullyan had found his little niche in the business world. He had the American dream of opportunity and ran with it. Through hard work and determination he had constructed a thriving RV and Manufactured Housing business. As in any successful business growth is eminent and in 1971 Bullyan RV was moved from 36th Ave. West and Grand Ave. to 4945 Miller Trunk Highway. This move was necessary for the growing demand and popularity of RVs and manufactured homes.

But this wasn't the last time growth was needed, and in1989 the need for a larger service facility was obvious. The expansion was primarily additional service bays, which was needed to support the continually growing popularity of recreational vehicles in the Northland.

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In early 2004 Joseph Bullyan envisioned an even larger expansion, and in the winter of 2007 Bullyan RV moved across the road into a brand new 36,000 sq. ft. facility situated on 15 acres. The service department now has 14 new service bays, to ensure Bullyan RV can meet the demand of the growing need for RV service and repair. But Bullyan RV has still embodied the idea of sales and customer service. Customers are now able to view 15 models indoors at a 70 degree comfort year round, and with approximately 350 units on the lot, Bullyan RV is truly one of the largest RV dealers in Minnesota and service centers in the Midwest.

Bullyan RV
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