3 Tips To Make Winter RVing Enjoyable

Winter and RVing aren’t typically two things that people put together. But for a growing number of people, winter RVing is becoming another way to get away and make memories. Although enjoyable in its own right, RVing during the winter does require additional planning so that your trip is as fun as one you might take during the summer.

Why RV during the winter?

There are numerous reasons to hit the road in the winter. Whether you’re planning to head south to get away from the cold or are simply looking to have some fun, here are some of our favorite reasons to RV during the frostier times of the year:

  • Fewer crowds
  • Ability to see wildlife you might otherwise miss
  • Little to no bugs

Tip #1: Pack Layers

It might be tempting to pack your thickest coat to wear, but 20 minutes into a hike and you might find yourself feeling like you’re in a sauna. Instead, packing clothing that can be layered easily so you can add or remove items according to your level of comfort. Long sleeve T-shirts are great for this, as are vests.

Tip #2: Plan For Heat Outages


You never know what your trip might bring. Power could go out or you might find yourself at a spot that doesn’t have electricity for one reason or another. Plan for heat outages by getting a generator and knowing how to operate it, and by packing enough extra blankets and pillows to keep an army warm. You never know if you’ll need them or you come across someone who does.

Tip #3: Enjoy The Scenery

When you travel during the winter you have the unique opportunity to see scenery that you otherwise would never see. Nothing compares to snow capped mountains or wildlife meaning through a snow covered forest. Bring your camera and be sure to stay a while and take in the scenery.

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