Choosing the Right RV

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If you’ve just started your journey of searching for the perfect RV for your family, chances are you’re pretty overwhelmed with the options out there. Fifth wheel, motorhome, destination trailer. What does it all mean? Which one will keep your family entertained and comfortable for years to come? We understand starting your search can be confusing. This list of tips should help you navigate the murky waters of RV buying.


Each RVer has unique needs. Those with many kids will likely want a travel trailer that can sleep many people and offers a smooth flow of traffic. Many units offer outside showers so the kids can get cleaned up without tracking dirt inside, while several units, including toy haulers and fifth wheels, can feature bath and halfs, which means the kids can get their own bathroom.

Tow Vehicle

A lot of what your selection includes will depend on your tow vehicle. Heavy duty RVs, like fifth wheels, will often require big trucks, while many lightweight travel trailers can be towed using a crossover vehicle or SUV. For those who don’t want to bother with tow weights or hitching up a RV, motorhomes might be the best option. Several are available, including traditional class A motorhomes, which look like a bus, and class C and B motorhomes that are built on van chassis.


Where you plan to vacation will play a role in what unit you buy. If you’re quite active and enjoy using your RV to enjoy hobbies like dirt biking and ATVing, then you’ll want a toy hauler. RVers who want to use their unit in cooler weather or freezing temperatures should look for units with heated and enclosed underbellies and high quality insulation throughout.


This might seem obvious, but it’s something that is easy to forget about. It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a RV and all the bells and whistles today’s RVs come with, your budget can quickly fall to the wayside. Before you head into a dealership get a solid idea of what your budget can get you in the world of new and used RVs.

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