Get Ready for Winter Fun: Ice Castle Fish House

The true outdoorsman doesn’t care what the temperature is outside; if the mood to go RVing strikes them, they want to get out and experience the great outdoors! That is where the Ice Castle Fish House models come in handy. Perfect for summer fun and cold-weather RVing, an Ice Cabin is specially designed to have extra insulation and designed to withstand whatever weather you find yourself in. 

Here are just a few of the biggest benefits that come along with an Ice Castle Fish House model and why you should consider getting one for this upcoming winter.


Compact and Well-Designed

The Ice Castle Fish House model relies on very specific dimensions to maintain the insulation and heating regardless of what the exterior temperature is. For this reason, the ice house type is kept compact intentionally. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have plenty of space to stretch out. These models are very well-designed to utilize every square inch of space so that you always have plenty of room.

Ice Castle Fish House
All of our Ice Castle Fish Houses are compact and durable.


Rustic Interiors

When you are out in the woods and wilds, you want to come back to the camper after a long day of outdoor adventures to something that keeps you in that outdoor head-space. That is why these ice houses are specifically designed to have that rustic look that is also very easy to maintain and keep clean. Hardwood cabinetry and solid-surface counter-tops make everything very simple, very durable, and very clean-looking.

Ice Castle Fish House Interior
The Ice Castle Fish House Interior offers style and civility, even in the wilderness.

Durable Exteriors

The durable exteriors do not just keep you safe from the perils of the great outdoors, it also makes sure that the Ice Castle is able to last for many seasons without showing signs of wear. Not just that, but these models are perfectly suited for hard roads and rough terrain, so no matter where you are looking to go, these models are right there with you.


Get ready for your winter RVing with one of these specialized RVs and see how much fun cold-weather camping can be. You won’t find these kinds of amenities and features in any other RV —  no other model does it quite like the Ice Castle Fish House for sale in Minnesota! Stop in today to get a load of the awesome Ice Castle models that we have here at Bullyan RV and pick out the floorplan that best suits what you have been itching for. We carry both new ice houses for sale and used ice houses for sale; so no matter what your price range, there is a model here at Bullyan for you! 

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