Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Used RV or Camper

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There are many things to consider when shopping for a used camper, and the process can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially first-time purchasers.

Whether you are considering buying from a private seller or from an RV dealership like Bullyan RV in Minnesota, you’ll want to ask questions about the RV’s history, its interior and exterior condition, the engine, the generator, and more!

Ask the Right Questions; Buy With Confidence

Having a list of questions will save you time and money, and will give you confidence in your pre-owned RV purchase.


  1. How many owners has it had?
  2. How was the RV stored and taken care of? (Bonus points if it was stored indoors during the winter!)
  3. How did past owners use it — boondocking, resort camping, cross-country trips?
  4. Have there been any modifications made to the RV? If so, what? Is everything bolted to the ground now?
  5. Has there been any damage done to the RV?
  6. Did children or pets use the RV?
  7. Did the owners smoke in the RV?
  8. What’s the maintenance history?
  9. Have there been any roof leaks?
  10. Who is the registered owner?
  11. Why are they selling it?
  12. Are there any debts or leans on the RV?


  1. What’s the condition of the paint?
  2. Have there been any leaks? (Look around for patches and check the condition of seals.)
  3. What is the condition of exterior lighting, awnings, and steps?
  4. What is the condition of the tires? When were they last changed? How’s the tread on them?
  5. Do the hydraulic levelers work?


  1. What’s the layout like? How many people can it sleep?
  2. Is there adequate storage?
  3. What condition is the ceiling in? Is it tall enough for your family?
  4. Do the sinks and shower work?
  5. Do the kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, oven) work?
  6. Does the fridge run only on propane, or can it also run on electricity?
  7. Do the lights work?
  8. Where is the fuse box?
  9. Are there fans or an air conditioner? How old are they?
  10. Do the blinds work? Are there window screens?
  11. Are there gaps in the window seals?
  12. Do the fuses work?
  13. Do the water lines all work?
  14. What kind of toilet does the RV have — traditional or composting?
  15. Have there ever been any wiring issues?

Power and Engine

  1. How many miles are on the RV?
  2. Is it gas or diesel?
  3. Where is the engine located?
  4. Have any of the engine or transmission parts been replaced?
  5. How old is the battery? Has it ever worn out or needed to be replaced?
  6. Has the battery been connected to a maintainer in the off-season?


  1. How much does this RV weigh? (Do you know how much your vehicle can tow?)
  2. Is there a hitch, and how big is it?
  3. What’s the towing capacity of the RV?


  1. What hoses, tools, or cords are included?
  2. Are any of the decor or cleaning supplies included?
  3. Are any of the TVs or electronics included?
  4. What supplies are included for dumping (like potable and non-potable hoses, clear elbow connector, etc.)?

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