RV Tips: 4 New Year’s Camping Resolutions

What New Year’s resolutions are you considering for 2023? It’s one thing to want to travel more, but some camping-specific resolutions can help you make the most of your vacations in your new or used RV. Here are some RV tips for great New Year’s camping resolutions!

RV Tips

Evaluate What Worked – and What Didn’t

Resolution #1: Make time to think about the great and the not-so-great. Think back on your vacations from 2022. Which camping trips were your favorite, and why? Which ones were less enjoyable, and why? Try to nail down the specifics. Was the weather especially perfect (or rotten)? Did you go in the off season and enjoy the benefit of smaller crowds and off-season discounts? Did you experience roadside trouble that could have been avoided with some pre-trip RV service? Make a list of your best vacations, your less-than-perfect vacations, and be specific about what you want to repeat and what you don’t.

Shake It Up a Little

Resolution #2: Step outside of your routine. It’s easy to get in a rut by always going to the same vacation destination summer after summer. If you love a certain campground, it’s easy to see why you want to go back! But stay open to visiting new places. After all, there’s a lot of this country out there to explore! If you take multiple camping trips over the summer, shake it up by making at least one or two of them new places.

Keep a Specific Camping Inventory

Resolution #3: Get organized. If you’re new to RVing, we can’t stress this one enough: keep your camping supplies separate from your everyday supplies at home. Use different sizes of lidded storage tubs to keep your gear in – our family uses a 17-quart tub just for sleeping bags, mats, and hammocks when we’re doing backwoods camping. Keeping a separate tub for kitchen supplies and tools, RV linens, first aid, and more can help prevent leaving supplies behind. Keep a running checklist to inventory what you use up, and refill items before each trip. Did you use half a pack of paper plates, 6 AA batteries, and 2 rolls of paper towels? Make a list and restock at the end of the camping trip (don’t plan on remembering before you head out for your next trip!).

Stick to the Service Schedule

Resolution #4: Keep your RV in road-ready condition. There’s nothing more frustrating than road-side breakdowns. Preventable problems often turn into costly repair jobs. Avoid expensive hassles and book a year’s worth of RV service in a single phone call! Contact our RV service department – we can help schedule routine checks, RV maintenance, oil changes, and more. Getting your appointment on the books means you won’t overlook or forget to schedule important service checks, especially those that range in regularity (every 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, etc.).

We want to help you enjoy a wonderful 2023 in your new or used RV, and of course that starts with making sure you are traveling in the right unit! If you’re ready to shop for, finance, or even trade in or upgrade your RV, we are ready to help. Contact us today!

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