RV Tips for Getting Rid of Mildew on Your Camping Gear

Have you ever gone to start packing for your first camping trips of the season in your new or used RV and discovered mildew on some of your favorite camping gear? Maybe it wasn’t totally dry when you put it up at the end of last season, and now you’re facing those ugly blotches of mold. Don’t throw away your gear! Our RV tips for getting rid of mildew can save you the expense of replacing your gear and is an easy, inexpensive fix.

RV Tips

Removing Mildew in Washables & Wearables

Clothing, hammocks, towels, and all things with washable fibers should be pre-treated by wetting the affected area and giving a bit of detergent a sturdy scrub directly into the stain. Then, wash immediately in hot water, detergent, and a half-cup of chlorine bleach (for whites).  If you can’t use chlorine bleach, do a 60-minute pre-soak in hot water with color-safe bleach, then the hot wash with detergent. If you have a clothes line, use it – otherwise spread the items on picnic tables or out on the grass in direct sunlight.

RV Tips

Are some of the spots being particularly stubborn? Spray them with lemon juice and rub some coarse salt into it. Lay in the sun to dry, rinse, and then air dry.

RV Tips

Leather Boots

If your hiking boots developed some mildew, make a mixture of 1:1 rubbing alcohol and water. Dip a cloth into the mixture and rub the affected area with the cloth. Air dry in a sunny spot.

RV Tips

Hard and Non-Porous Surfaces

The exterior of your new or used RV can develop mildew in areas that moisture can’t escape. Dilute white vinegar with water and use a scrub brush to tackle the spots. For stubborn stains, go with full-strength vinegar.

RV Tips

Neutralizing vs. Eliminating Evidence

Even after treatment, you may find that some spots simply won’t go away. Don’t despair. Mildew is a form of mold that grows as well as stains. You can eliminate the growth and kill the mold through treatment even if some stains still linger. The presence of lingering stains doesn’t mean the mildew is still actively growing.

RV Service

Mildew isn’t the only thing that can come of prolonged exposure to moisture. Cracks in linings or seals can wreak major havoc on the condition of your RV. Getting it in for some RV service to check for any needed repairs can prevent mildew and more major damage from occurring.

You might have noticed the number of times we recommended the power of sunlight in our RV tips for getting rid of mildew. Sunlight is an excellent disinfectant – and sometimes it’s just what our bodies need, too! Contact us today if we can help you plan a vacation in your new or used RV to a warm and sunny spot. It’ll make you feel good!

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