RV Tips: The Best Travel Apps You Should Get

Heading on out on a road trip in your new or used RV is a fantastic opportunity for you to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the great outdoors – but sometimes that can be helped with the right app! Take a look at some of our RV tips and top recommendations for travel apps you’ll want to have – you can find all these in your favorite app store!

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Let’s talk destination. If you’re early in your trip planning, use a couple of campground database apps to search for the perfect place to land!

RV Tips

One great tripfinder app is The Dyrt. Explore camping options by states, cities, National Parks, or even forests. Another great option is Campendium. You can also explore top-ranked campgrounds including in State Parks and also free campgrounds as well. Sort and filter by price range, customer ranking, and more!

RV Tips

Fuel Savings

Save money at the pump with the GasBuddy app. It searches and compares fuel prices in your surrounding area to keep you from overpaying at the pump. Road trips are long and fuel is expensive. GasBuddy can help you save wherever you can!

RV Tips

Overnight Parking

If you just need a place to park overnight on your way to your destination, the RoadTrippers app can help. Use it to get locations of the nearest free parking.

RV Tips

Convenience & Safety

If you don’t already have a favorite weather service app, try the WeatherBug! It’ll pull up weather alerts, current conditions, and a Doppler radar for you to keep an eye on.

RV Tips

Another must-have app for RVing convenience is the Sani Dump app. It’ll provide information on the closest RV dump sites, including their hours of operation and prices. It’s super handy to have if your campground doesn’t have a dump site close by!

Strike the Right Balance

Striking the right balance for the technology you want to have with you on your road trip can be a little tricky, but it’s all about finding what helps you connect with what counts, stay safe, and save money! Stop in or contact us today with any questions about shopping for the right RV that ticks all the boxes, too!

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