Save Space, Time, & Money on Meals with these RV Tips!

Save time, space, and money on your meals while camping! You can quickly spend more on meals than you’d budgeted for, but these handy RV tips can help you stick to the plan and enjoy delicious meals that don’t break the bank – or the space you have in your new or used RV!

Space Saver

Skip the full size pantry items – especially on things like seasonings. I prefer to portion off seasonings and spices into smaller containers like food storage bags, which can all store neatly in one small food storage container.  Spice jars may not take up much room when you’re just talking about one or two, but when you’re packing along several, it eats up your RV pantry space in a hurry!

Meal Tips

Time Saver

Don’t get to the end of a long, fun day spent outside and face “What’s for dinner?” knowing you have a lot of prep work in front of you. Pre-assembly is your friend! Cook ground meats like beef or sausage in advance, and combine with other ingredients in gallon size food storage bags for meals like casseroles and soups. I like to freeze these meals flat, which also saves space. Pull a meal from your freezer just after breakfast and put it in a casserole dish or slow cooker, and you’re already two steps ahead on making dinner!

Meal Tips

Money Saver

Decide on a meal plan, and stick to it. Decide in advance which nights you intend to eat out, and the nights you plan to cook. Outline easy breakfast and lunch options. Buy ingredients in advance that you can use across several recipes, and divide them up (a five pound package of ground beef, for example, is less expensive than buying five one-pound packages of the same) to use over different recipes.

Meal Tips

These RV tips can help you save a lot of time, space, and money on your meals, allowing you to enjoy your vacation even more. We can help you pick out the perfect new or used RV with the kitchen and pantry space to fit your needs. Contact us today!

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