RV Tips for Camping with Pets

It’s almost time for spring camping trips! This is a beautiful time of year to go camping, and your fur baby will love it too! The weather is usually a perfect blend of not too hot during the day, and it’s a great time of year to come out of hibernation, stretch your legs, and enjoy the great outdoors with your new or used RV. Here are our top RV tips for camping with pets!

Before Leaving

Help your pet get ready for a road trip if they aren’t used to time in the car – or if they associate car drives with stress or anxiety. Take short drives around the neighborhood to help them acclimate to the motion of riding. Talk to your vet about any gentle treatments that can help calm both nerves and tummy for your dog.

Camping with Pets

Also, this is the right time to have your pet microchipped, if they aren’t already. In the unfortunate off chance that your pet and you are accidentally separated, being microchipped hugely increases the changes of reuniting. Don’t risk the heartache – get your fur baby microchipped!

Camping with Pets

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably have thousands of photos of your fur baby on your phone – but make sure they are high quality in the event that you need to identify a missing pet. Take a few pictures that are front facing (as well as from alternate angles), in good light, and show any unique markings.

Pack A Bag

Everyone in the family needs a bag packed for vacation, and this includes your fur baby. Food and treats are the essentials, but other must-haves are any meds they’re taking, their favorite toy, a leash, pet waste removal bags, and a pet first aid kit.

Camping with Pets

Check On Policies

Campgrounds should have written policies posted on their website ahead of time, and these will likely include pet-related policies. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Check for the policies and if you don’t see them, ask. Come prepared to abide by policies that include the following:

  • Waste removal
  • Aggression policies
  • Noise ordinances
  • Leash policies

Be honest when you’re reviewing the policies. We all have a bias toward our pet, but take an honest look. If your dog isn’t good around kids, don’t choose a family campground where playgrounds and other campground amenities tend to have kids congregate. If your doggy is a friendly barker, make sure to look for a campground with lenient noise policies. Courtesy is key! You love your pet and live with them all the time, but other people don’t.

Pet Friendly Units

Did you know that some new or used RVs are designed to be especially pet friendly? Interior pet-feeding stations and exterior leash hookups are just some of the pet-friendly design features some of our units include. Contact us today for help finding the perfect RV for everyone in the family – including your fur baby!

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