RV Tips for Midweek Camping and Why It’s Awesome

There’s much more to the week than the weekend! If you’re retired or your job allows you the flexibility to travel, consider the wealth of opportunities from camping in your new or used RV on a weeknight. Check out our RV tips for midweek camping and why you should try it out!

RV Tips

Better Choices in Your Campground

Many campgrounds offer their reservations and campsites on a first come, first served basis – and that can make for pretty slim pickings on the weekends. Increase your choices by staying during the week!

More Rental Availability

Besides more to choose from when it comes to your campsite, equipment rentals won’t be in short supply, either! If you plan to rent kayaks, canoes, dirt bikes, paddle boards, or anything else, you’ll probably find plenty of options at your fingertips during the week.

Smaller Crowds

This one may seem obvious. More individuals and families travel on the weekends – and that can contribute to huge crowds at major attractions. Sometimes the weekend crowds alone can put a damper on your spirits. Weeknight crowds are much smaller and allow you to explore the great outdoors at a more relaxed pace and without being elbow to elbow with other travelers who were there are the same time you were.

A Scenic Route That’s Actually Scenic

Let’s face it: if you’re traveling during the weekend, you’ll probably be in a rush to leave town…along with everyone else during rush hour. A stressful drive doesn’t get a camping trip off on the right foot! Set the tone and the pace to be relaxing, enjoyable, and scenic…by taking the scenic route on a weekday when the roads aren’t congested with excess traffic!

The Peace and Quiet

Lower crowds mean a quieter and more peaceful camping trip for you. There’s nothing like listening to the crickets and bullfrogs as the sun sinks low, or the birds singing their hearts out to greet the morning. Camping on weeknights allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature unimpeded by the sounds of people and technology!

If you’re starting to make your 2024 travel plans, you should really consider camping on weeknights for the reasons above and even more you’ll discover on your own. Contact us today to schedule some RV service before you go. Our RV service department is open weekdays, too!

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