Camping Hacks To Level Up Your Camping Experience

Whether you’re new to camping or have been enjoying it for decades, chances are you’re constantly on the lookout to level up your camping game. These camping hacks will help make life just a little easier regardless of where the road might take you. All of these hacks can be easily implemented and are sure to become a part of your camping routine.


Kindling In a Pinch

Use corn chips or Doritos of makeshift kindling if you’re in a pinch and can’t find small sticks. The starches, oils, and, sadly, chemicals used to make Doritos all come together to form one perfectly combustible treat that might become your go to kindling because of how easy they are to light up. This also is the perfect way to use those straggling bits of chips at the end of the bag that no one wants to eat.

Crack Your Eggs Ahead of Time

If you plan to make eggs for breakfast or any other meal, then consider cracking them ahead of time and storing in a wide mouth water bottle. This helps to free up storage space in your refrigerator and also prevents you from losing eggs that might break in the carton while you’re traveling.

Burn Sage to Repel Mosquitos

Sage is a natural mosquito repellant that is easily caught on fire and kept smoldering to allow the sake to repel mosquitos.

Sage is a natural mosquito repellant. They hate it. Next time you’re around the campfire bring a few bundles of sage and burn them just enough to let me smolder. The smoke should provide a long-lasting repellant that keeps them away for quite a bit of time. One of tte perks of sage is that it is all natural, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals or putting harmful chemicals on your skin.

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